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Podrinje Komerc

Structure Firm Podrinje Komerc is one of the businesses with the richest custom in civil system in Serbia and its broader environment. It is definitely also one of the few companies that emerged from the economic transition as stronger and more stable. The business activities of the our organization are centered on the 70-year-long encounter in the building of the buildings located on three continents, in ten countries and a bunch of different urban settlements. For its completed facilities in Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Russian Federation and the former Yugoslav republics, our organization won several investors ’ awards for quality, high standard of building and maintained architectural history.

Building organization in Belgrade

Podrinje Komerc is a building organization in Belgrade, specialised in high finish line residential and commercial projects.

Our building experience in Serbia includes adding storeys to Victorian hindrances of inshore in conservation areas, fresh forms for private homes and small hindrances of inshore, extensions, loft conversions, cellars in outlined buildings, conversions from office to residential and more.

Our projects are managed following a successfully tested process, designed to assign the perfect team for each building project.

We work with highly specialized sub-contractors and tradespeople, to use the construction team with the right experience. For cellars, loft conversions, extensions, refurbishments, fittings, you will usually get the right team for you.

We partner with architecture firms to provide arranging and design solutions, so that you will work with the right professional, from a simple setting up permission to more complicated setting up applications.

For the construction, each task is assigned a dedicated task supervisor plus a structural professional, fully covered by professional indemnity insurance, to ensure the structural design is implemented correctly.

Our structural engineers can easily also optimise the structure in progress, when shifts are needed during the works, at zero extra cost.

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Closing company

Are you thinking about taking a break? Sometimes contractors need to close their limited company – whether for a short period of time or indefinitely. If this is the case, there are a few different options available.

While there’s plenty of advice around how to start a limited company, understanding what’s involved in closing your firm isn’t often simple. We’ve damaged down the choices obtainable to you based on whether your business can be solvent and insolvent.
Solvent or insolvent: what’s the difference?

Zatvaranje firme

A solvent business is one which can pay its debts and has no threats of legal action from lenders. On the additional hands, if your business can be insolvent, it may possess insufficient money, possess even more debts than it offers in resources or become facing pressure from lenders.
Shutting your firm in the event that it’s solvent

If you want to close down a small business while its solvent (it has plenty of assets to release its debts ), then there are two choices available to you:
Dissolution ( Reaching off)

Dissolution is an choice only if the capital gain released is less than £25, 000. Before you hit off your limited business, you must follow the correct procedure. This requires:

Informing any interested celebrations and HMRC of your programs to hit off your limited business.
Negotiating any exceptional bad debts and coping with the sale, or transfer of possession of business resources.
Planning cessation accounts and submitting your last taxes returns
Working with your workers based on the guidelines.

In order to dissolve a company, you need to submit a DS01 form to strike off your company, which needs to be authorized by all directors and will be delivered to Companies Home. You must also send out copies to investors, lenders and workers within a week of submitting this form. If no objectives have been made, your company will be dissolved within 2 months of submitting this information. The cost of striking off is £10, and this payment cannot come from the company.

When you dissolve a company, you will be striking it off the register in Companies House and it will cease to exist. After your company has been struck off, you cannot trade or carry out any business activities through that limited company. Any assets that are still held by the company at the point it is struck off will become the property of the crown. It is therefore important that all of the assets, including cash, have been transferred to the ownership of the shareholders before filing the form DS01.
Is dissolution the right route for my company?

Dissolution is suitable if you have decided that you’re no longer interested in trading through your limited company, or you opened it for a particular place of reasons which have today been fulfilled. If you possess no purpose of trading through this business and generally there is definitely a money excess, dazzling off is certainly frequently the least complicated issue to perform.

In order so that you can strike off your company, you need to not have completed any of the subsequent:

Traded or marketed share for 3 a few months.
Transformed the business name in the last 3 a few months.
Not really been endangered with bankruptcy by lenders.

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Stone Warehouse Serbia

Welcome to Rock Storage facility – one particular of the Serbia major producers of Decorative stones

Dekorativni kamen prodaja

Selecting the correct provider designed for your ornamental back garden provides can easily sometimes end up being challenging. You want a firm you can trust, secure in the understanding that you are choosing an excellent company of ornamental aggregates.
Rock Storage facility is a single of the major online producers of pea gravel, standing, chippings, cobbles, small stones, rockery rock and rock and roll sodium. We can deliver to you straight within two to three functioning times from receipt of your purchase. If you need a NEXT Time delivery, simply place your purchase before 1p meters on the prior time and pick the ‘ Following Time ‘ delivery choice at checkout (an extra charge will become applied for this services ). We take great pride in our client services. Our high quality decorative aggregates are demonstrated with prices inclusive of VAT and delivery, and we assurance a transparent services with no hidden costs.
Take a look around our site Eko Deko Kamen to find out more about our excellent array of products, and to get some great suggestions about how to make the most of your outdoor living space. We’ll help you select the best possible products while providing a friendly, efficient services.

Possess nothing but praise for the team. Second time purchasing paddlestones. Spoke to one of the ladies on the team about my earlier order. She required the time to confirm when I experienced made purchases and precisely what type of stone I ordered. Making it easy to re order.
Problem with their web site due to the quantity of people purchasing. Few of phone calls once again with the young ladies in the workplace and issue solved. And they transferred my purchase back again to the primary time I wished delivery.
Great group. Provider. Delivery. O and the paddle rocks are prefect

Exceptional service and great products at great prices. I’ve utilized them double in the last week and the one detrimental is definitely that their regional delivery agent (to Salisbury) was place on when providing my initial purchase, but totally crap when moving at my home with the second purchase – the delivery drivers was Mister ATTITUDE and wouldn’t bring the pallet onto my get but still left it on the street. I do increase this with Rock Storage facility, but hardly ever received a remedy to my email, therefore the four superstar revue.

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Dekorativni kamen

Delighted with the quality of the standing, they delivered the delivery upon a larger lorry than they stated they would and this individual couldn’t obtain straight down my road, even though the rider left upon a different road and helped move the pallet straight down to the home. 5 celebrities for that driver.

Car Mechanic servis Belgrade

We are a full assistance family members work automotive restoration and maintenance service established in 1967.
We have grown from a 2 gulf store to an 8 gulf store in Belgrade.
The hands on honest approach to serving each customers individual needs on which the business was created is still practiced today, that along with our professionalism sets us apart from the rest.
Through continuous training and upgrading we are able to provide you with the highest quality of service for all of your automotive needs. We fully understand that sometimes repairs can be a stressful event, so we do everything possible to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied. It’s important that you can trust in us.
Come in and see us today, we look forward to servicing all of your automotive needs.
Spirituality is what makes a man do whats right even when no one is looking.
We are a Drive Clean test and repair facility for Light Duty cars and trucks as well as Heavy Duty gasoline.
We are able to and do handle large fleet service and repair requirementsfor light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.
We make your service experience hassle-free by offering early bird and night owl drop box service with, (when pre-arranged), courtesy cars or local shuttle service to home or work. Along with automatic service reminders how and if you want them.
The bottom line is that the best products and service levels are used to fit your needs and automotive repair goals. And you thought all we knew was clunk/thunk/ping/thud

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Prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses , also known as prefab homes or just prefabs, are expert dwelling types of prefabricated building, which usually are produced off-site beforehand, usually in regular sections which can be easily delivered and assembled. Some current prefab home styles include detailed architecture motivated by postmodernism or futurist architecture.
Uninhabited prefabricated council houses in Seacroft, Leeds, UK

“Prefabricated” may make reference to buildings built-in elements ( electronic. g. panels), modules (modular homes) or transportable sections ( developed homes), and could also be utilized to refer to mobile homes, i. e., houses on wheels. Although similar, the methods and design of the three vary widely. There are two-level home plans, as well as custom home plans. There are considerable differences in the construction types. In the U. S., mobile and manufactured houses are constructed in accordance with HUD building codes, while modular houses are constructed in accordance with the IRC (International Residential Code).

Modular homes are created in sections, and then transported to the home site for construction and installation. These are typically installed and treated like a regular house, for financing, appraisal and construction purposes, and are usually the most expensive of the three. Although the sections of the house are prefabricated, the sections, or modules, are put together at the construction much like a regular home. Made homes, once placed on a permanent foundation, are considered the same as modular or site build homes for appraisal purposes.
Made homes are built onto steel beams, and are transported in comprehensive sections to the house site, where they are assembled. Tires, hitch and axles are taken out on site when the house is positioned on a long lasting foundation.
Cell homes, or trailers, are designed on tires, and can end up being pulled by a car. They are regarded as personal real estate, and are certified by the Dept. of AUTOMOBILES. Tiny homes with tires are one of them category. They need to be created to the DMV code, and move inspection for licensing.

Montazne kuce

Cell homes and produced homes could be positioned in mobile house parks, and produced homes may also be positioned on private property, unless the property is at a subdivision whose CC&Rs prohibit produced housing.

Constructing produced homes typically consists of linking plumbing and electric lines over the sections, and sealing the sections jointly. Manufactured homes could be single, dual or triple-wide, describing just how many sections wide it really is. Many produced home companies produce a number of different styles, and several of the floorplans can be found online. Developed homes could be constructed onto a long lasting base, and if designed properly, could be difficult to tell apart from a stick-built house to the untrained eyesight.[citation needed]

Developed homes are usually purchased from a retail sales company, initially assembled by a local contracting company, and follow-up repairs performed by the manufactured home company under warranty.

A produced home, once assembled, goes through a ‘settling-in’ period, where the home will settle into its location. During this period, some drywall cracking may appear, and any incorrectly installed appliances, wiring or plumbing should be repaired, hopefully under warranty. If not covered under warranty, the costs will be borne by the consumer. For this reason, it is important that the consumer make sure that a reputable and honest contractor is used for the initial set-up. If any repairs are not completed by the initial set-up crew, the manufacturer will send repair crews to repair anything covered by the warranty. The secondary repair team must be scheduled, and may not be available immediately for most repairs. Just because a made home has been assembled does not mean it is immediately habitable; appropriate ventilation, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems must be installed by a set-up crew, normally, the buyer must wait for the manufacturer repair team or do it themselves.

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Plastic Injection Molding

Injection Molding – Livenje plastike
We operate a state-of-the-art 87, 000 square foot production facility, fully climate controlled to safeguard the lifespan of your tool, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our main molding gear includes nine Nissei injection molding machines ranging in tonnage from 72 to 946, with optional RJG eDART process control systems, 13 dryers, and a range of inspection gear. Operating this molding gear is certainly a highly expert team of designers, technicians, professionals, and quality control specialists.

Over the last half century, we have produced parts of industry leading quality for a range of fields, from the consumer and appliance industries to the automotive industry, and from the military and defense industry to the medical industry.

To learn more about Mildew and our injection molding services, including mildew design, reach out to us today.

Basics of the Injection Molding Process

Brizganje i livenje plastike Beograd

At its core, the injection molding course of action is a relatively simple one. Molten plastic can be forced into a mildew, often called a pass away or a tool, shaped like the desired finished product. The plastic cools in the mildew, taking the shape of the product, and is usually ejected. The part can be completed after minimal secondary processing.

Injection molding allows for the use of a big diversity of materials – plastic pellets can be premixed, or mixed directly into the hopper of a molding machine, to meet virtually any specification. The process can also produce parts of extremely complex geometries which would be hard, costly, or impossible to produce by other means.

Other benefits of injection molding include very high production rates, long tool lifespan, minimal tool maintenance, and excellent repeatability.
Injection molding is a versatile manufacturing process with a long history.


From the time first injection molding machine was patented in 1872 until the creation of the screw injection molding machine, a standard piece of molding equipment in the industry today, the injection molding industry has expanded tremendously by satisfying high volume, low cost manufacturing requirements.

Originally used to manufacture relatively simple products, such as buttons and combs, the injection molding process has evolved considerably over the years. Ecoplast has been a part of this history since 1966.

Otvaranje firme Beograd

Entrepreneurs open thousands of new companies every year in the United Claims. Around 900, 000 fresh companies had been founded between 2006 and 2007, relating to U. S. Census Bureau Statistics in a statement titled, “U. S. and Claims, Totals. ” Regrettably, around 750, 000 businesses closed that same yr. Relating to the Country wide Federation of Indie Business, 36 percent of small business owners polled in 2002 experienced already owned and managed at least one business grossing $5, 000 before opening their current business. Encounter counts, but fresh business owners can also gain from careful planning and corporation when opening a fresh organization.

1. Write a business plan.
Biznis plan za otvaranje firme.
The Small Business Administration recommends that all business owners study and create a business strategy before opening a fresh organization. Business programs consist of an explanation of the firm, including its offerings, providers, working techniques and evaluation of the marketplace and competition. When soliciting economic support, consist of stability bed sheets, mortgage applications and money stream projections for regular, quarterly and gross annual period intervals.

2 . Create your company’s legal structure. Many businesses fall into the category of a lone proprietorship, relationship, company, Beds company and limited responsibility firm, typically known as an LLC, based on the State Federation of Separate Business. Each provides its very own benefits and disadvantages related to fees and legal responsibility. For example , exclusive proprietorships are simpler to establish, but increasing capital can end up being tough since the owner is normally exclusively accountable. Companies protect business owners from the business’ money, but fees and costs make it even more challenging to create.

3. Apply for permits and security. Verify with condition requirements for region-specific licensing requirements, but at the least you’ll want a business permit, Taxes Identity Quantity and liability insurance. If hiring employees, federal rules state that you might register for an Employer Recognition Quantity for tax withholding purposes. Some industries, such as exports or vehicle imports, require additional licensing.

4. Financing your business. Some business owners choose to financing their business by drawing from their personal personal savings. But there are additional financing venues for fresh companies, including equity from non-professional investors, including friends, family users, colleagues and client. Opportunity capital firms may choose to financing your fresh organization. Personal debt financing is normally a second financing location for fresh companies. You may choose to take loans from banks, savings and loans, or commercial financing companies. These lenders may require personal guarantees that the loans become repaid.

Otvaranje firme Beograd

Knjigovodstvena agencija – Bookkeeping

Knjigovodstvena agencija

Contabilita can provide a friendly on-site team that will work closely with your staff, advising you early on in the audit process. We can also provide regular bookkeeping and accounts preparation that will enable the audit process to be carried out much more efficiently.
Contabilita can also explain how you can most effectively deal with HMRC, keep you up to date on the necessary changes in legislation (both fiscal and commercial ) and minimise your tax /VAT liabilities.
This will give you more time to concentrate on running your business and peace of mind that your accounts and returns are in order.
Our accounting and compliance services include:
Preparation of annual accounts
Preparation of periodic management accounts
Bookkeeping services
Maintaining PAYE and VAT records and associated returns
Preparation for HMRC investigations
PAYE and National Insurance compliance
Self-assessment advice.

Knjigovodstvena agencija Beograd

Many clients leave the administration of their business to us in order to concentrate on the commercial aspects of their trade.
We have a dedicated, knowledgeable and responsive bookkeeping department which is expert in building strong relationships with our clients.
By instructing Contabilita you can focus on your business and leave us to write up your accounting records, prepare VAT returns, organise your payroll and produce monthly /annual accounts.
It’s our job to get your books straight and keep them that way. We will collect all the receipts, bank statements and other papers, and make sure that they are filed correctly to meet the requirements of the HMRC and other relevant parties.

Osnivanje preduzeca

Business start-up

Starting up in business can be a daunting prospect, with budding entrepreneurs all too often left to fend for themselves. At Contabilita we will help you to cut through the red tape and support you at a crucial time in the life-cycle of your business.
If setting up a company is the best course of action for your business, we can arrange for Serbia and overseas company formations. Give us the opportunity to work with you and guide you through this complex process.
Directors of Serbian limited companies are required by law to maintain registers of shareholders, directors, mortgages and other company details. Directors must file annual returns at Companies House and file forms whenever specific events occur, such as the appointment of a new director, an increase in share capital or the allotment of shares. Unless you are really experienced in this role it can be a full time job. Use our experienced team to ensure complete compliance with all company secretarial and statutory matters.
We look after the statutory obligations for many of our clients, so we have the experience to act quickly and efficiently. We have dedicated software and online access to Companies House, making the whole process both fast and painless.

Knjigovodstvena agencija Vozdovac

Ženske marame

Scarves have been worn since ancient times. The Statue of Ashurnasirpal II from the 9th century BC features the emperor wearing a shawl. In Ancient Rome, the garment was used to keep clean rather than warm. It was called a focale or sudarium (sudarium from the Latin for ” sweat cloth “), and was used to wipe the sweat from the neck and face in hot weather. They were originally worn by men around their neck or tied to their belt.
Historians believe that during the reign of the Chinese Emperor Cheng, scarves made of cloth were used to identify officers or the rank of Chinese warriors.
In later times, scarves were also worn by soldiers of all ranks in Croatia around the 17th century. The only difference in the soldiers ‘ scarves that designated a difference in rank was that the officers had silk scarves whilst the other ranks were issued with cotton scarves. Some of the Croatian soldiers served as mercenaries with the French causes. The men’s scarves had been sometimes referred to as “cravats” (from the French cravate, meaning “Croat”), and were the precursor of the necktie.
The scarf became a real fashion accessory by the early 19t h century for both men and women. By the middle of the 20t h century, scarves became one of the most essential and versatile clothing accessories for both men and women.

Uses and types

Online prodaja ženskih marama

In cold climates, a thick knitted scarf, often made of wool, is tied around the neck to keep warm. This is usually accompanied by a heavy jacket or coat.
In drier, dustier warm environments, or in environments where there are many airborne contaminants, a thin headscarf, kerchief, or bandanna is often worn over the eyes and nose and mouth to keep the hair clean. Over time, this custom has evolved into a fashionable item in many cultures, particularly among women. The cravat, an ancestor of the necktie and bow tie, evolved from scarves of this sort in Croatia
In India, woollen scarfs with Bandhani work are becoming very popular. Bandhani or Bandhej is usually the name of the tie and dye technique used commonly in Bhuj and Mandvi of the Kutch District of Gujarat State.
Scarves that are used to cover the lower part of face are sometimes called a cowl. Scarves can be colloquially called a neck-wrap.
Scarfs can be tied in many ways including the pussy-cat bow, the square knot, the cowboy bib, the ascot knot, the loop, the necktie, and the gypsy kerchief. Scarfs can also be tied in various ways on the head.

In religious or cultural use
Several Christian denominations include a scarf known as a Stole as part of their liturgical vestments.

In uniforms
Silk scarves were used by pilots of early aircraft in order to keep oily smoke from the exhaust out of their mouths while flying. These were worn by pilots of closed cockpit aircraft to prevent neck chafing, especially by fighter pilots, who were constantly turning their heads from side to side watching for enemy aircraft. Today, military flight crews wear scarves imprinted with unit insignia and emblems not for functional reasons but instead for esprit-de-corps and history.
Students in the United Kingdom traditionally wear academic scarves with distinctive combinations of striped colours identifying their individual university or college.
Members of the Scouting movement wear a scarf-like item called a neckerchief as part of their uniform, which is sometimes referred to as a scarf. In some Socialist countries Small pioneers wore a neckerchief called a red scarf.

Ženske marame

Driving Schools in Belgrade

Welcome to
DRIVING SCHOOLS IN BELGRADE. Learning to drive is not only about getting a generating license but is an essential skill for life. That said, this is the “ DRIVING SCHOOL BELGRADE” page so here are a few facts about we.

We love cars, educating and road safety! TRAVELING SCHOOL BELRADE is one of the largest and maybe the only one traveling listing in the Serbia and is arguably the most progressive (how’s that for bragging?! ). But seriously, the reason why our School is becoming so successful is because we deliver great value for our customers. Most of our Trainers undertook their training with us (we are also one of the largest training colleges for Trainers in the Belgrade). We stress to all Trainers becoming a member of DSB how important customer service is. We want our customers to be completely satisfied and when things do occasionally go wrong, we strive to type things out quickly.

Lessons can be reserved online or through our call centre, which is Belgrade based. You can call us six days a week but we prefer online booking and with “DSB”, you can publication lessons and manage appointments 24/7. All of us encourage our customers to be charged DSB beforehand for trainings so that people in turn pays the Driving Trainer only once the lesson has come shipped. If for just about any reason, you choose to cancel pre-paid trainings, we will refund you for any lessons not yet used. The natural way, we can only just reimburse you for pre-payments paid to the business not those paid right to the Instructor.

We aren’t aiming to be the least expensive Driving a vehicle College! We believe the old stating: “You get what you purchase ” and are driven to ensure the whole customers receive affordability. One of the Generating and Vehicle Criteria Company recommends 47 a long time of professional tuition to move your test. One of the useful test today is completely different from that of an era ago (parents please be aware! ). Proper, organised training conditions you for the test in the most effective way and RED will provide you with safe-driving-skills-for-life. If perhaps lessons look so cheap it appears ‘too good to be true’, you will see grounds why these are cheap. With DSB
, you are buying “ affordability ” lessons

Our mission is to instruct you to safe traveling skills. To provide on this, you can expect modern online training via DSB
’s Street Brain Trainer that is which can transform your potential for passing the sensible test by 14%. Take a look! It’s free when you discover with DSB
– now that’s offering customer value!

All the best with your trainings please remember if you are driver.