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Are you thinking about taking a break? Sometimes contractors need to close their limited company – whether for a short period of time or indefinitely. If this is the case, there are a few different options available.

While there’s plenty of advice around how to start a limited company, understanding what’s involved in closing your firm isn’t often simple. We’ve damaged down the choices obtainable to you based on whether your business can be solvent and insolvent.
Solvent or insolvent: what’s the difference?

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A solvent business is one which can pay its debts and has no threats of legal action from lenders. On the additional hands, if your business can be insolvent, it may possess insufficient money, possess even more debts than it offers in resources or become facing pressure from lenders.
Shutting your firm in the event that it’s solvent

If you want to close down a small business while its solvent (it has plenty of assets to release its debts ), then there are two choices available to you:
Dissolution ( Reaching off)

Dissolution is an choice only if the capital gain released is less than £25, 000. Before you hit off your limited business, you must follow the correct procedure. This requires:

Informing any interested celebrations and HMRC of your programs to hit off your limited business.
Negotiating any exceptional bad debts and coping with the sale, or transfer of possession of business resources.
Planning cessation accounts and submitting your last taxes returns
Working with your workers based on the guidelines.

In order to dissolve a company, you need to submit a DS01 form to strike off your company, which needs to be authorized by all directors and will be delivered to Companies Home. You must also send out copies to investors, lenders and workers within a week of submitting this form. If no objectives have been made, your company will be dissolved within 2 months of submitting this information. The cost of striking off is £10, and this payment cannot come from the company.

When you dissolve a company, you will be striking it off the register in Companies House and it will cease to exist. After your company has been struck off, you cannot trade or carry out any business activities through that limited company. Any assets that are still held by the company at the point it is struck off will become the property of the crown. It is therefore important that all of the assets, including cash, have been transferred to the ownership of the shareholders before filing the form DS01.
Is dissolution the right route for my company?

Dissolution is suitable if you have decided that you’re no longer interested in trading through your limited company, or you opened it for a particular place of reasons which have today been fulfilled. If you possess no purpose of trading through this business and generally there is definitely a money excess, dazzling off is certainly frequently the least complicated issue to perform.

In order so that you can strike off your company, you need to not have completed any of the subsequent:

Traded or marketed share for 3 a few months.
Transformed the business name in the last 3 a few months.
Not really been endangered with bankruptcy by lenders.

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