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Pet Grooming

Our professional groomers offer a wide variety of creative and traditional styling for your family pet. We provide care for your coat baby as if they were our very own, and ensure that they receive the finest quality care while they are becoming groomed.
Relaxing Environment

Doggie Clipps is a non-force environment that only uses the highest quality shampoos and treatments for your friends. Grooming can be a stressful coming back your pet, we do the best to make it a stress free encounter!
Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are constantly prepared for any pets’ demands and ensure that your pet should receive the best care and like. Their happiness and attention is our priority and strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to get.

Full Services
Price differs based on breed, size, pounds, and coat condition! Call for a quote today!

Full Bridegroom
Double bathe and rinse out followed by a blow out and full body clipping to your specifications or breed common. Nails, ear cleaning, glands expression. Finished with bandanna/bow and cologne/perfume.

Bath – Comb – Trim
Double wash with high quality shampoos & conditioners. Blow out & comb. Nails, ear cleaning, sweat gland expression. Trimming up of foot, belly, butt, and private areas. Finished with bandanna/bow and cologne/perfume.

De-Shedding Treatment
Double wash with shampoo formulated to assist with dead hair removal. Blow out & brush. Loose coat removal. Nails, hearing, glands. Trimming of foot, belly, butt & exclusive areas. Finished with bandanna/bow and cologne/perfume.

Nail Trimming
Repeated nail trimming is important for the health of your dog. Keeping your puppies nails short can save all of them from pain and discomfort, while also helping prevent scratching of floors and furniture.

Nail Filing
Processing your dogs nails allows us to get them as short and smooth as possible in the most dependable manner. This is great for bigger breed dogs, and bread of dogs with sharp nails.

Tooth Brushing
Is your household pets smile not as bright since it used to be? Is their very own breath not as fresh because you would like? We can brush your pets teeth to restore the natural shine and let you delight in their kisses again!

Šišanje pasa Novi Sad