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Servis viljuškara – Forklift service

Forklift Assistance and Tools Maintenance Programs

When it comes to forklift assistance, one word said it all. “Yes. ” Experienced, knowledgeable and certified technicians stand ready to maintain your lift trucks – and any forklifts – to factory standards. From comprehensive fixed-price maintenance to full-service equipment usage programs and forklift maintenance tracking, we offer a range of service solutions to keep your business up and running.

Servis viljuskara Srbija

Integrity Service System

Labour cost is not the only way to measure the worth of a forklift maintenance programme. That’s why we offer the SAS VILJUSKARI Integrity Service System.
We track all the features that work together to create a complete system of service such as response times and service and parts availability. Then our trained and knowledgeable service engineers get the job done, offering a choice of service plans tailored to your needs.

Integrity Parts System
All spare parts are designed, manufactured and tested to SAS VILJUSKARI standards in order to contribute to the overall performance and long-term value of our forklifts. While Crown spare parts may cost slightly more initially than look-alike parts, they typically last longer.

Service, Parts and Operator Manuals

Order printed service /parts manuals, including safety labels, through your local SAS VILJUSKARI dealer.
Operator manuals for current SAS VILJUSKARI forklift models can also be obtained from your local SAS VILJUSKARI dealer.

Rental Forklifts On Your Terms

Whether you need a forklift for one day or five years, SAS VILJUSKARI has a solution for you. We have you covered for seasonal peaks, stock-takes, backlogs and special projects with short and long-term rental options that fit your specific requirements.
You can count on SAS VILJUSKARI to provide the same level of efficiency whether you rent or buy. All SAS VILJUSKARI forklifts feature heavy-duty styles for challenging applications.
We actively manage the turnover of our leasing fleet and monitor each truck’s performance throughout its existence routine. Local rental forklifts are taken care of to SAS VILJUSKARI’s high specifications and go through extensive pre-rental inspections to guarantee constant efficiency and dependable procedures.

Long lasting, Dependable and Efficient Refurbished and Utilized Forklifts
SAS VILJUSKARI lift trucks are designed and built to last. Our vertically integrated making procedure guarantees that all SAS VILJUSKARI forklifts are constructed with quality parts and parts. You can count number on SAS VILJUSKARI’s restored and utilized forklifts to offer the same reliable assistance you expect from fresh SAS VILJUSKARI trucks. Integrated protection features help you preserve secure procedure and all utilized forklifts go through an extensive inspection to fulfill the highest protection and efficiency specifications.
That’s so why our pre-owned forklifts are prepared to serve your requirements for years to come.

Servis viljuškara