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Real-time vehicle tracking

Satgard Gps navigation Fleets is an advanced web-based fast administration device, used for an efficient and convenient administration of your automobiles. This particular program hands you complete gain access to to all the essential and complete details that are essential for great governance over your fast of automobiles.
Our program monitors energy amounts of the patrol tanks, reduces the high costs produced by an automobile fast, calculates the ideal destination path and studies the drivers ´ s i9000 behavior. All the stated features that our program provides increase efficiency and boost revenue.
Extra modules are designed to enhance the system’s productivity and bring brand-new horizons into your experience with Satgard GPS Fast management system. That is certainly why our group is definitely definitely included in the decision-making over potential item advancement in this field.

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Energy container level monitoring is an important dimension when earnings shows up into issue, whether it all end up being protection or prevention of energy fraud.
Satgard Gps navigation monitoring program was created in purchase to effectively measure and manage energy intake in your automobile. Precise energy level dimension provides helped our companions improve their business. The costs possess immediately slipped which provides salvaged them cash not really just on gasoline but also on valuable period, not really to talk about the decrease of dangerous gas emissions which pollute the environment and improve individual wellness dangers.
Structured upon the data from a range of gas level receptors, CAN-bus fittings and various other telemetric gadgets, the metrics are sent in true period to generate extensive and rather user-friendly reviews. A huge range of quests will fulfill your fuel-related duties and allow intake control, considerably getting down business expenditures and stopping gasoline robbery.


Keeping track of fixed property provides logistical and security issues to any company. By entrusting Satgard GPS answer with the collection and processing of data, as well as accident reporting, you will acquire actually more time required for additional business activities.
By entrusting the very difficult work of metrics collection, data handling and accident credit reporting to our Satgard GPS asset monitoring solution, you get more time for additional business activities, pending your input. By collating all the info gathered by our products and showing it in an user friendly interface, you get the total history of all the times, instances and locations.
Our system for asset monitoring is made up of several supplementary detectors and telemetric add-ons.
Combined with several extra detectors and telemetric add-ons available on the market, our asset monitoring remedy allows remote diagnostics of building products, chilly suites, diesel powered power generators, containers and additional lightweight machinery in an easy and workable manner.

Satgard GPS tracking platform can be used by hundreds of companies in a big part of Europe, mostly because it is in agreement with several regulations and rules of the road.
While abiding by all the strict laws, rules and codes, our navy management system is very useful in managing the behavior of the driver and the security of the vehicle. The mere costs of starting up and operating an organization are already high plenty of, that’s why its so important to cautiously adhere to the way in which the vehicle is certainly managed all the while ensuring the safe passage of the delivery itself.
We have built add-on segments to provide accurate evaluations of each individual driver, which allows the most accomplished drivers to be recognized and further rewarded.


Once the fleet management becomes a tool that actively enhances your staff ´ t work, you will understand that with our remedy you indeed possess the whole layout and detailed info of the fleet at your convenience and will be convinced that all your resources are optimally utilized.

In addition to the above, following your employees outside the company during company time is very important not only because of their safety but because of work etiquette and methods. Our system works for you tirelessly long after work hours as well, our system provides related solutions for your most cherished ones, your family and actually your household pets.

Satgard GPS software program was created by style in purchase to guarantee complete automobile protection and also to deliver very much needed info in period of want. Our program ´ t common software can accommodate particular guidelines which are essential when it comes to avoidance of fraud whether it become your car or your property.

We provide a solution for gain access to control to the business, which may be quickly integrated with your video monitoring program and your thief security alarm which protections your building and the encircling region. Satgard Gps navigation happily gives common solutions for specialized protection systems for businesses of all styles and sizes.

Because it was designed to fulfill the objectives of a huge quantity of users from different areas of function, Satgard Gps is as useful for personal companies as for government institutions to which the surveillance of office space is of outmost importance.

Cargo space and temperature are two of the most important measurements in the industry that deals with sensitive cargo. A simple miscalculation could cause a ripple effect that would lead a variety of negative results.
Satgard GPS software is able to collect all the relevant data from numerous thermal sensors of various types which are connected to devices that measure, track and report on degrees of temperature inside the cargo transportation space, in true period. Our users are informed of caution amounts via the program or SMS message therefore allowing the drivers plenty of period to intervene and correct the issue.